How does it work?
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Investing with Stake is quite simple, however there are few steps that occur in order for you to have a piece of the pie!

  1. Property is listed on Stake

    A property is listed on Stake in order to raise funds for the purchase. It's usually listed for 30 days, however they tend to get fully funded quicker!

  2. Funds raised

    Once enough funds are raised, the funding is closed and the deal moves to its final stages.

  3. SPV created

    A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created in the DIFC in order to incorporate and ensure that all investors in the property are legally registered to the property through their ownership of shares in the SPV. The SPV listed as the owner on the title deed.

  4. Property documents distributed

    All investors will receive their title deeds and share certificates within 2-3 weeks of the funding closing as proof of ownership of the property.

  5. Rental payments begin

    Once the process is complete, investors will begin to receive their rental payments.

The tentative dates for all steps in the process are provided in each listing.

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