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Rental Guarantee - Terms & Conditions
Rental Guarantee - Terms & Conditions
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Rental Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

  • Guarantee Initiation: Stake guarantees that the first rental payment will be made no later than the end of the second month following the property's funding date. For example, if a property is funded in April, the first guaranteed rent payment will be made by the end of June at the latest.

  • Coverage of Rent: Rent will be guaranteed when the property does not generate any rental income, ensuring financial stability for the investor. The guarantee only applies to newly funded properties and does not apply to the properties bought on Stake's Exit Window.

  • Duration of Guarantee: Stake will guarantee the rent for a maximum period of three months. This duration is calculated from the end of the second month after the property has been funded. If a property is funded in April, Stake will guarantee the first three months of rent, in this case June, July and August.

  • Total Guarantee Window: The total potential duration for which rent can be guaranteed (including the initial two months post-funding and the three months of guaranteed rent) extends up to five months from the funding date.

  • No Overlap of Payments: No double rental payments will be made under this guarantee. Each month within the guarantee period will have only one rent payment covered.

  • Claim Process: Shareholders will automatically receive the guarantee at the end of every calendar month for the applicable period.

  • Campaign Discontinuation: Stake Properties reserves the right to forfeit this campaign at any point in time.

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