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What happens if some or none of my shares are sold?
What happens if some or none of my shares are sold?
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Sellers A and B can dictate the price for their shares and offer a different discount at their discretion. Buyers see all available offers and have the option to choose if they prefer to buy shares from all offers/available lots at different prices.

When you create a sell listing, your shares are made available for buyers to purchase. It's possible that no one buys your shares. In this case, they remain under the ownership of the respective original owner/attempted seller, which in this case is you.

It is possible that buyers purchase only a few of your shares and not all. This is known as a Partial fill.

In such a case, any unsold shares remain in your portfolio and you will continue to earn any dividends or distributions associated with the asset. You will be able to list your shares for sale again in the next exit window.

Shares are sold on a first-in first-out approach based on your listing date.


Seller A submits a sell listing with 200 shares on Property X.

Seller B submits a sell listing with 100 shares on Property X after 5 minutes.

Buyer C buys 250 shares on Property X.


Seller A sold all the shares.

Seller B sold 50 shares, keeping another 50 in their Portfolio.

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