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How much can I invest?
How much can I invest?
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Stake aims to make investing affordable and accessible. That's why you can start with as little as 500 AED.

Unless you are a Professional Client, you may invest up to AED 183,625 in any single calendar year. If you are a Professional Client you may invest as much as you like on Stake.

In addition, no single investor may buy more than a 33% share in any single property on Stake. Lastly, the availability of investments in a given opportunity is limited to the total target amount being raised for that property.

In other words, if you are looking to invest in a property with a total investment cost of AED 200,000 at the time when it is 90% sold, you may not invest more than AED 20,000, which is the remaining 10% share that is available for investment at that time.

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