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What is a proof of address document (POA)?
What is a proof of address document (POA)?
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We are required to request a proof of address (POA) document to validate your residence status. A POA must contain the following:

- Full Name

- Date (no more than 3 months old)*

- Full Address (House/Street, City/State, Country, Neighborhood)

- Full page is visible

- The issuing authority (e.g. DEWA logo)**

Acceptable POAs:

- Bank statement

- Letter from a bank or financial institution

- Telecoms bill (Internet, phone, etc.)

- Credit card statement

- Title deeds [We need confirmation for residence]

- Signed/stamped lease/tenancy contract – that is current

- Utilities bill (Water, electricity, gas, etc.)

* Not necessary for title deeds or tenancy contracts as long as tenancy is still valid

**National IDs are not acceptable

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