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If Stake were to go bankrupt, what are the measures in place to protect my investments?
If Stake were to go bankrupt, what are the measures in place to protect my investments?
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In the unlikely event that Stake goes out of business, rest assured your investments will be safe. Stake is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), adhering to its strict client money provisions. This ensures that our client's assets are kept separate from Stake's business operations. Furthermore, your investments are held by protected holding companies (SPVs) within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) that you own, thereby creating a legal barrier between Stake and your assets.

When you invest with Stake, you will receive a Title Deed from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in the name of the SPV and Share Certificates in your name, both serving as proof of your ownership in the property. All our SPVs are registered with the DIFC, allowing you to verify your name and ownership through their online Public Register portal. Importantly, these SPVs hold investments in property assets free from any debt, lien, or encumbrance, ensuring no banks, financial institutions, or other creditors can claim your assets.

In compliance with DFSA regulations and as part of our commitment to investor safety, we have a Business Cessation Plan in place. This plan outlines the steps to be taken in such an event, including appointing an administrator to find a suitable party to step into Stake's role as the manager of the SPVs and, if possible, the platform itself. This process would be supervised by the DFSA to minimise any operational disruption and ensure your investments remain secure.

Please read the following blog post, where our team explains more details about the SPV structure and how we create legal protections for our clients:

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