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What is an Exit Window?
What is an Exit Window?
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Exit windows offer an exit strategy for sellers and a buying opportunity for buyers.

They act as our secondary marketplace, where investors can list their shares for sale and other users can buy them.

For buyers, the Exit windows offer much more investment and diversification opportunities through access to previously funded properties, as well as potential discount on prime real estate.

For sellers, the Exit window feature allows users to sell their investment shares before the end of the recommended 5-year holding period. This allows them to actively manage their portfolios and take control of the exit process if needed.

Exit windows are open for 2 weeks, once in May and again in November every year.

Properties become eligible for sale after a 1-year lock-in period from initial asset acquisition. Shares purchased in the Exit window will not have a lock-in period and can be listed for sale in the next window.

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