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How will I earn my return on Stake?
How will I earn my return on Stake?
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Your share of the rental income of a property will be distributed to your Stake wallet. Although in some cases we may be able to distribute dividends on a monthly basis, we aim to declare and pay out dividends at least every quarter. The net distributions are calculated after all property related costs are deducted from the rent such as service charges, property management fees, Stake annual administrative fees, maintenance, insurance and any other SPV costs.

After receiving your dividends, the funds will be shown as available balance in your Stake wallet. You may then either withdraw the funds to your primary registered bank account or decide to re-invest the proceeds into another property on Stake.

At the end of the Investment Term, your property will be sold and your share of the sale proceeds (after deduction of all relevant transaction costs) will be distributed to you in accordance with your ownership in the SPV. At that stage, your investment will be considered redeemed (with gain or loss) and the SPV will be subsequently dissolved.

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