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What if I need to sell my stake before the investment term?
What if I need to sell my stake before the investment term?
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It is very important to keep in mind that investing in Real Estate is a marathon, not a sprint, so we highly recommend that you hold on to your shares until the end of the recommended Investment Term, which is usually 5 years. We do so because we believe that is when investors will be able to maximize their exit value.

However, we understand that circumstances change. As such all investors will have the ability to cancel their investment within 48 hours from the time of the initial investment, and another 48 hours after the property has been fully funded.

Moreover, our exit window feature enables investors on Stake to list their shares for sale for buyers looking to get in on the subject property during its Investment Term. For all things related to our exit window and how it works, please refer to the "Exit Windows" collection in our FAQs by clicking here.

While exit windows are one of the exit strategies we offer, you also have the option to exit your investment through a governance vote. In a governance vote, if we find a buyer for your asset, the community will vote on whether to sell the asset or not. If the vote is in favor of selling, your full asset will be sold, and you will receive your portion of the proceeds based on your ownership share.

In summary, Real Estate is a long-term investment and we encourage all investors to look at it that way.

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