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Why invest in Real Estate?
Why invest in Real Estate?
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Real Estate is a tangible and stable asset class that has been a leading performer of returns throughout history. It is a favorite among large institutional and High Net Worth investors for many reasons including:

- Growth in value over long periods of time and less volatility than public financial markets, offering stability in turbulent times.

- Acts as a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation and a good long-term store of value.

-Productive asset that generates predictable income from rent.

- Enhances the quality of the risk-return profile of the portfolio when included in a diversified portfolio of different asset classes,

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a leading international hub for trade, tourism and capital. With its world-class connectivity and infrastructure, the city is the gateway to growth markets, filling the time-zone gap between leading financial centers of the West and East. It is also a stable destination of choice for people within a six-hour flight radius, offering a lifestyle that is globally recognized and attracts organizations and talent from all over the world. Moreover, now is a good time to invest in residential property in Dubai. Find out more in our Why Dubai Now review.

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